Creature Buffs

Divine Fire & Dreadful Fire. Given by all Divine and Dreadful creatures. Both of them do the same at this moment, slows you down for 5 seconds and sets you on fire, draining 5% of your health. Dreadful engulfs you in red/yellow flames while Divine engulfs you in blue flames.

Guardian Fire. Given by all Guardians. Guardian Fire will set you on fire and drain 10% of your health over time and engulf you in purple flames.

Aether. Given by Aether creatures and tools enhanced with Aether. Will drain 10% health and your stamina over 10 seconds.

Life Drain. Given by bosses melee hits. Will drain 20% health over 30 seconds.

Effect Buffs

Baked. Given by consuming products made from the Sativa-plant, making you hungry, give you some health, reducing your speed and reduces your ability to react. Effect last around 20 seconds.

Dreaded Rabies. Transmitted through the Banished wolves living in the Wolf Pen. Applies a permanent buff that cause the player to lose 40% of its carrying capabilities, health, stamina, speed and strength. Can only cured with Lesser Antidote.

Crafting Buff. Given from drinking the Crafting Elixir. Mulitplies your craftingspeed by 4 for 120 seconds.

Speed Buff. Given from drinking the Speed Elixir. Mulitplies your speed by 4 for 20 seconds.

Freefall Buff. Enhances your legs muscular tissue and makes you temporarily invulnerable to fall damage. Lasts 600 seconds.

Strength Buff. Increases your damage by 25% for 60 seconds.

Fly Buff. Lets you temporary fly for 60 seconds.

GillyWeed Buff. Temporary doubles your movement speed in water and lets you breathe underwater for 600 seconds.

Carry Buff. Enhances your muscles and lets you carry double your capacity for 300 seconds.

Stealth Buff. Will make you temporary invisible to both players and creatures for 60 seconds.

Frog Buff. Temporary allows you to jump like a frog and take no fall damage from it.

Insulation Buff. Temporary add hypo- and hyperthermal insulation.

Gaia Mushroom. Groovy hallucinations! Will temporary slow you down, dehydrate and gain torpidity.

Divine Shield. Temporary blocks all incoming damage. Cannot be used by dinos.

Toxic Immunity.Temporary provides protection for you or your dino against poisonous plants, mushrooms, radiation, bee’s, swampfever, leeches and getting electrocuted.

Fire Immunity. Temporary provides protection for you or your dino against all types of fire, including Divine, Dreadful and Guardian Fire.

Stealth Armor.  Doubled speed, grants better vision underwater, regenerate food and water slowly and stamina fast.

Stealth Armor Camo.  Given from Stealth Armor, will make you invisible and wild creatures wont target you.


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