These are all the items in gaia which you can look into from the sub pages under items in the menu! Underneath the items are in catagories listed from Worst to Best


Everything you will need to survive for a bit!

Copper -> Zinc -> Iron -> Bronze -> Titanium -> Guardian


Keep them enemies at bay with a specialised weapon!

Copper -> Zinc -> Iron -> Bronze -> Titanium -> Heavenly -> Demonic -> Guardian


Needed to knock out the powerful dinos of Gaia!

Lesser -> Mediocre -> Greater


Very handy for gathering materials in the world of Gaia!

Bronze -> Brass -> Steel -> Titanium


For all your potion needs!


Required to make the tools and weapons above!


Definetly need these when you start to take on the bosses of Gaia


That sweet golden loot from the bosses!

39 thoughts on “Items

  1. I just crafted the Aether Guardian boots, and when I equip them, I hear like a dino shrieking noise for some reason, and it repeats over and over and over. It goes away when I take them off, then starts up again when I put them back on. Something must be broken in that aspect.

  2. Can you add the saddles and all of the items spawncodes? I love your mod btw it’s so amazing and fun! I just don’t want to grid for a saddle right now. lol.


    1. Hey Phantom.
      Glad to hear you are enjoying it. Spawncodes can be found on the front page, on a Google sheet. Select the second tab for items and you’ll find saddle spawncodes there 🙂

  3. new to the mod and so far i’m enjoying it. I have a question how do you use the gemstone of wind it says its usable on creatures but I can’t seem to get it to work.


  4. You may wanna change the description for the adult elixir in game. It says will make any baby dino grow up instantly with full imprint, when it doesn’t seem to give any imprint %.

    1. It gives full imprint but the visuals dont update until you get out of render range. Its an ARK bug and nothing I can do anything about, but its there allright.

  5. it seems the souls aren’t sent to inventory by killing divine/dreadful anymore.
    Only souls we get are from accessing dino inventories and being very lucky.
    killing and being near doesn’t work

  6. Is there a way to make the Tranq darts work with modded rifles, like from SELM for example? That way we can use scopes and tranqs at the same time.

  7. As of 23th FEB, rabies contracted by Wolf den are not being cured by using a lesser Antidote (at least nobre of the 52 I took fron chem station worked), how to proced?

  8. Where (and how) do you mine the different ores? I have collected some from killing dinos but is there a way to mine it directly from a node?

  9. The Gaia Aether Guardian Shield doesn’t appear to be functional. It doesn’t have any durability and doesn’t block any damage.

  10. I seem to be a little confused about the guardian spirit ko arrow. I know it says ANY creature but I didn’t think it could take down guardian creatures. Still though, should it be possible to just peg a Titanosaur with it to knock it out? Or is the list of creatures it can’t knock out a bit longer than expected? Any clarification or listing of things it can’t do would be appreciated 🙂

  11. Wait, does the GCM elixer basically give admin capabilities to any player? Or what does creative mode allow for, exactly? I wouldn’t want players being able to spawn in everything they want because of an elixer.

  12. Torpidity resistance.

    At max level, in Aether Guardian Armor: we can still 1-shot each other with the lovestick. To compensate for this: I wear my Tek Helmet. Which takes durability damage. Granted, it’s not that much of an issue. I still use the tek helmet to search for dinos, nightvision, etc; but I feel as though the Aether Armor should be all that AND a bag of chips considering the crafting cost.

  13. Hey there just started a gaia server and unable to find where to craft the tranq arrows? any advice would be great thanks in advance 🙂

  14. when you skrink something you cant unskrink it and if you pick anything up it will keep skrinking it till it cant be seen can you please fix this somehow since we lost a few dinos without even knowing till it was too late

  15. can someone explain how the mind flash potion works? for example, I started out with a raptor I had at 880, flashed him which gave 150 points starting at level 730 after distributing all the points post flash he is now 880 with no xp to gain, I know on this server his max level shouldnt be 880

  16. Hay man ive been playing the mod for a bit and i love the mod but it wount let me craft the tranq arrows for some reson if you can tell me why that would be ausome thanks

  17. I have problem with Gaia Leaves.Its the same stuff as sativa bud? cause i cant find those leaves anywere and i need them for Three of life for example

    1. “Will smelt Metal to Ingots in its inventory. Will smelt Ingots to Infernal Metal, which is the only thing this creature will eat.”
      All info is found here on website 😀

      1. it looks like you need 50 infernal metal to craft the token that summons the Infernal saber. how or where can we collect the 50 required infernal metal for the token if we dont have the saber in the first place to make the infernal metal?

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