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  1. Hi i really love Thylacoleos would you ever make an special leo?
    I love your mod, it is one of my favourit mods. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for so many hours with your mod. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey great mod, but can you add a dreadfull Therizino because the Therizino can be used for both battle and harvesting.

  3. Just wanted to ask if Dreadful Wyverns will ever be able to breed? I know most of the dinos in your mod are, just curious if the wyverns were intentionally not breedable. Thanks!

    1. They can breed. They couldnt from the beginning so you most likely have an old version. Its always adviced to wipe the dinoclass after changes have been made to them, to assure you always have the newest version. So wipe wild dinos on your server, tame new ones and let them breed.

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    1. I think if there was a variant of the Pelagornis that should be applied it would either be Pavilonius (their carry weight in Vanilla is atrocious) or Heavenly (speed boost is really nice) just as a suggestion. You guys did an incredible job so far and this mod alone carries me through graduate school and I thank you for the content that you have produced already.

  5. Hey…
    what about a way to get the “guardian creatures”, or the look from these beautiful creatures… maybe its possible to make an costume like in extinction core with the apex creatures for the guardians πŸ˜€

    or make them tameable πŸ˜€

    and i miss the bulbdogs πŸ˜€

    And i heard rumours about an Indominus Rex ? This will be really nice… but i hope if yes…thats not the same as in Eternal… πŸ˜€

    1. Thats actually a cool idea imo. Ill see aht I can whip up regarding costumes.
      Guardians will never be tameable though, their stats, the buff they and puttin additional levels into them will screw up balancing bigtime.

      There will be a version of the Bulbdog, soon. Maybe a bigger one thats rideable. Still considering what to do. Most likely same with a version of Indominus Rex. I have the files for it, just gotta setup the skeleton and figure out which abilities it’ll have.

    1. Yup, its because WC changed skeletals, textures and animations in the latest TLC pass. We modders dont have access to those new files yet. Either I create a custom animation for affected creatures and push a patch, and then when ADK updates I redo them again to match the new ones. OR I just wait for the ADK update, saves alot of work an unnecessary patches.

  6. Have you ever thought about adding weight reduction for resources on the divine therizino like you have on the divine anky/doed?

  7. i cant seem to be able to spawn the dreadful theriz i can all the other ones but that one i use
    cheat spawndino “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/Gaia/Dinos/Dreadful/Theriz/DreadfulTherizino_Character_BP.DreadfulTherizino_Character_BP” 1000 1 1 180

  8. I found a fertilized dreadful wyvern egg on scorched in the wyvern nest in the scar. for me to hatch and raise it, does the baby require milk like a normal wyvern?

  9. Is there a way to change the level the forgotten come in at through the Gaia portal? They’re coming in at 780 on my server but max level is 900. Just curious if there is a way to summon a max level. Thanks!

    1. Uhh, nevermind. I just summoned another and it was level 90… so I take it that it’s random? My pet wyv and first Anky were 780 so I had just assumed they were all the same.

  10. I often see A Dreadful Drake(or Basilisk) has come to take revenge message on my screen. I haven’t noticed anything different with them. Are they a special thing?

  11. Hey, just a quick question..is it possible to breed Dreadful Dragons, i mean they produce fertilized eggs but somehow i’m not able to hatch them or is there any special method to make them hatch…or am i just to stupid ^^? The Mod is great, so many possibilities…keep up the good work!

  12. this might or not be known by you (gaia devs) but the “forgotten evolution Wyvern” kibble is not argent kibble (spino mechanics so far all the dinos follow the rule Pegasus -> troodon like the equus and so on) is this a bug or a comflict with any other mod that i might have?

  13. Hi, dreadful dragon mate no probs. The egg goes into s+ hatchery and incubates to 1% as it should, when i drop it to hatch , it lands as a parcel from your inventory and is stuck on 1% incubation. Won’t hatch.

  14. How does demonic golem tear down? because I’m shooting cannon with the golem vanilla, I tried the arrow and it did not work

  15. Hi, I absolutely love this mod but I’m having a problem with spawn levels? I have the difficulty set on one and I don’t think it can go higher and I struggle to find Gaia dinosaurs over level 100. Most of the spawns are around level 4, 8 or 12. Very rarely I will find a higher level. I found a level 120 Dreadful Spino which shows that they are spawning but that was like the 50th Spino I’ve seen. Don’t know if anyone can help with this?

  16. good afternoon
    I love the mod, very good job
    sorry for my english but I am using the translator
    is there any way to disable the possibility of mounting the divine dimorphodon?
    thank you very much

  17. If anyone has gotten the chance to try out the Aether Wyvern, do you feel like it’s weak? I feel like it’s very unpowered for how difficulty it is to evolve into. my level 600 was doing like 2k damage bite and 200 damage breath with base damage. This seems very lackluster considering the amount of grinding it takes to evolve into.

  18. Hey prome,

    I posted this in the discord chat wondering about the Guardian Stego? My bf and I have been playing with Gaia on our Ragnarok server for 3 weeks almost 4 and have yet to even seen a Guardian Stego. We have gotten all the other Guardians besides the final one which is what we need to craft any of the more end tier stuff for Gaia. Yet right now we feel we have hit a wall on continuing it. Any ideas what the problem could be? We have dino wiped as well to see if that would spawn some but none have.

  19. Is there any way to get more armor on the Pegasus? I love it but it takes a truck ton of damage from enemies.

  20. Question about upgrading wyverns. Does the base level of the forgotten wyvern matter, or does the level reset to something specific once you upgrade?

  21. I noticed that after using about 10 lesser gaia tranq darts with a ramshackle rifle it did no Torpor to a lv 7 Dreadful Indominus Rex is this intended? if so can that be added the indo rex details?

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