Remember that most of these structures have custom server ini-settings, see serversettings.

Ant Hill

Place your Dreaded Honey here and the ants will produce Ant Pheromone for you.
Put 10 Dreaded Honey in it, wait 10 minutes and it’ll produce 5 Ant Pheromone. If you attack the Ant Hill, Banished Ants will crawl out and attack you.

Dreaded Bee Tree

Give the bee’s Rare Flowers and they will produce Dreaded Honey.
Put 10 Rare Flower in it, wait 10 minutes and it’ll produce 5 Dreaded Honey. If you attack the Dreaded Bee Tree, Banished Bee’s will fly out and attack you.

Gaia Shrine

Transfer souls back to where they belong and the gods will reward your effort. Main structure in Gaia where most of your items are created.

Gaia Portal

Summons the gods and challenge them to a fight. This is where the bosses from Gaia will be summoned. Make sure you place this structure a bit away from your base. The Forgotten tier will also be summoned here.

Wolf Den

Give the contagious wolves Spoiled Meat and in return you’ll get Dreaded Rabies.
Put 100 Spoiled Meat in it, wait 10 minutes and it’ll produce 5 Dreaded Rabies. If you attack the Wolf Den, Banished Wolves will jump out and attack you.

Secret Stash

A secret hiding place for your belongings. 90 slots.

Tree Of Life

Will produce all resources for free every 10 minutes. Place 1 wood inside and wait. Crafted in your Gaia Shrine.

Magic Well

A deep magic well that produces water for your drinking needs. You can also connect pipes for irrigating your crops.  
Put in 20 Divine Pearls into the well, wait 10 minutes and it will give you 5 Magic Water.

Divine Beaver Dam

Banished beavers have infected the dam. Give them wood and they’ll produce Divine Pearls.
Put 1000 Wood in it, wait 10 minutes and they’ll produce 5 Divine Pearls. If you attack the Divine Beaver Dam, Banished Beavers will jump out and attack you.

Metal Works

Melt and create your alloys and metals here. Also used for crafting Gaia tools and weapons.

Alchemy Table

Used to create GemStones and imbue weapons, tools, armor and saddles with magical elemental properties. This is also where you craft the elixirs from Gaia. This is a work in progress and so far you can make weapons and armor here. More to come.


A structure only spawnable if you are an admin. Does not drop from any dino and cant be crafted. This structure, with the mesh of a sleeping robot, will spawn every resources from Gaia. Put one Divine Soul in it and wait 10 minutes.

Gaia Spoiler

Will spoil all types of meat almost instantly. Can aslo spoil wood to charcoal and creates Gaia Nitro.

Gaia Forge

Works like the vanilla forge but craftingspeed can be adjusted in your ini-settings. Can also cook all kinds of meat.

Gaia Artifact Crafter

Can craft all artifacts.

Gaia Vault 

Storage for 500 items.

Gaia Divine/Dreadful Floor Torches

Will always burn without consuming fuel.

Gaia AB/SE/EX Crafter

Will allow you to craft all resoruces and items from Scorched Earth, Extinction and Aberration on any map. Does not require you to learn any engrams.

Gaia Bonsai

Leave Gaia Leaves and Magic Water here to create Miniature Cherries. Takes 10 minutes to complete a craft.

Gaia Feeding Trough

Comes in 3 variants, feeding range to 100 foundations, 50 foundations, 25 foundations. All have double spoil timer and hold alot more consumables.

Gaia Raft

Increased speed, can go backwards, turn ratio significantly increased. Weight increased. Max structures doubled. 35K health. Metal class and is ignored by Leeds.

Gaia Bookshelf

300 slots and can only be placed hanging on walls.

Gaia Ancient Ruins

Once inside, you endure the weather much better and wild creatures will leave you be. Support lesser utility-structures to be built inside.

Gaia Scarecrow

Will provide a greenhouse effect to your crops, see serversettings for customization.

Gaia Fridge

Stores up to 300 stacks, spoil multipliers increased times 10. Dont require any fuel or electricity to run.

Gaia Tree Plot

In here you can craft seeds and plants huge trees that can equip tree platforms. Once tree is fully grown, the crop plot will delete itself. Requires Gaia Nitro to grow.

Gaia EggNPoop Collector

Small storagebox that automatically will pickup any poop and eggs dropped within its radius. Is toggled on and off on its radial menu.

Gaia Gacha Crystal Collector

Small storagebox that automatically will pickup Gacha Crystals dropped within its radius. Is toggled on and off on its radial menu.

21 thoughts on “Structures

    1. That could be caused by mainly 3 things, you didnt wait long enough, you have a mod that automatically pulls resources, if you have such a mod, make sure you look there. Or, some users reported issues with the well when Gaia was released, that other mods wells could interfer since the CropPlotBaseBP is really buggy(confirmed). Which mods are you using?

    1. Bosses summoned from the Gaia portal. Although I don’t always get leaves even from them. It’s a little buggy. Sometimes you don’t get anything at all.

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  2. All Gaia structures missing after update along with everything inside them. Is there any way to get them back? Are they even still in my save file?

  3. Gaia Bookshelf, I placed it, cant interact with it.. I really like the model. I replaced it, but I didn’t try placing on a vanilla wall yet (just thought of that)

  4. Hey Prome! Quick question…do the placeable ruins only last for 1 session? After placing and testing several..each one after logging back in (dedicated server) is invisible. The structure is still there as I can see the the options for it..but they all end up invisible after logging out and back in…. Haven’t been able to get one to ‘visually’ stay more than just 1 session. Will pop in discord as well but thought i’d ask here since am reading about all your amazing additions and future plans. Thanks in advance, ~ Jules aka Enchantress

    1. Hey Julie!
      Yeah it was a bug with how it was parented previously but that is fixed since last patch. If you still have that issue, update your files/server and it should work fine 🙂

  5. Hello prome,

    My boyfriend and I love Gaia and what it brings to Ark with the metal works and alchemy, it adds a bit more depth to the game and utilizes other resources in it that just plain Ark doesn’t. Gaia is an amazing mod and we love it! We are having issues with the Divine Beaver dams and the Dreaded Bee Hives, I don’t see those engrams in the game to learn and when I go to the Gaia Shrine I don’t see them there as well? What are we missing here?

    1. Hey Niki.
      Glad to hear you are enjoying it!
      If you cant see them there, it might be a bad mod download on your server. I’d suggest opening up a Gaia singleplayer session and see if that helps. If it do, your server has failed to fully download the mod. There could also be a compability issue if you have a mod that in some strange way overrides them, I doubt it though. Try the first solution and see if that helps, otherwise feel free to join the discord for faster respones 🙂

  6. prome,

    Thank you for getting back so quick! 😀 We found out that we needed to make it at the Gaia Shrine, at first we were looking around our map because we thought they were normal spawns but we figured it out! Keep up the awesome work on Gaia my boyfriend and I will always be downloading it now to spice up our Ark life. 🙂

  7. Hey there, I’m using Gaia with quite a few other mods on the server me and my friends are playing on, and I’ve discovered a somewhat annoying but minor issue. I’m using Automated Ark and it has a Fertilizer Silo that can take all the fertilizer made from a compost bin, and then spread it evenly amongst all crop plots in its radius.

    The problem is however, for some reason it also takes the Magic Well into account, so it’s constantly pushing Fertilizer into the Magic Well’s inventory. Could you tell me if there is a way to fix this?

  8. Is it fair to say that all Gaia structures, tools, weapons that have similar base game counterparts – are superior to and completely replace the base game version? If not, would it be too much to ask for a list of base game item that retain some utility despite the option to use a Gaia-name similar item. e.g. crossbow vs gaia-crossbow or regular tranq arrow vs various options Gaia mod supplies?

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